Hey SpaceLab! It’s a new year. Are you ready to lose some pounds and maybe fatten your wallet? If so, we invite you to join in the 2018 Weight Loss Challenge.

The premise is simple. You contribute $xx to join (the amount is dependent on the number of people who join). Your weight gets recorded at the start and weigh-ins are conducted weekly throughout the challenge. At the end of twelve weeks, the top 3 “losers” get to share in the “winnings”.

A few notes:

  • You are not required to share your weight with anyone! Winners are measured by percentage of weight loss rather than actual pounds.
  • Weigh-ins are conducted on Tuesday mornings at SpaceLab offices. You do not have to be present for the weigh-in and may weigh yourself at home. If weighing in at home, please submit your results by 3:00PM on Tuesday. Remember, no cheating!
  • An updated spreadsheet (see sample below) will be posted each Wednesday at SpaceLab and sent via e-mail to participants.
  • Although progress is reported weekly as an incentive for the participants, the only number that matters to win is your total percentage weight loss at the end of the challenge.

So come and join us to start off the New Year on the right track!

Here is a sample tally sheet. Note that “Player 2” is not reporting their weight!

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