SpaceLab Community,

We miss you, and hope to see you again soon. We appreciate the time you took last month to check in and offer feedback on re-opening strategies, procedures and protocols.

Many are now returning to work, and we anticipate our members will begin to use the space more regularly. As we look ahead to getting back to work and determining what new normal looks like in our daily lives, SpaceLab is committed to providing the safest possible workspace for our employees and members. We are following Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders (see EO 2020-114: Safeguards to protect Michigan Workers from COVID-19, in particular), as well as other State, Wayne County, City of Detroit and Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

Our downtown building manager, Basco of Michigan has performed a deep clean and sanitization, and the carpet and upholstery has been cleaned in all conference rooms and occupied offices. You will receive a detailed COVID-19 Preparedness & Response Plan and Playbook from us that follows CDC, MIOSHA, and other governmental guidelines.

As we return, here are some of the protocols and guidelines we ask you to adhere to:

  • SpaceLab 7Mile will not officially re-open until after July 4th (date to be determined). 7Mile Private office members may remaining working in their offices. Those with Flex Desks memberships may use the downtown location. We will give you a temporary keycard for full access.
  • Face masks are required in all common areas at both SpaceLab locations and in The 607 lobby and common areas. Employers and individual members are to provide their own masks. We will have some available in case a member or guests forgets theirs. No one will be allowed to enter space without a face mask.
  • We will ask all members (employees and employers) to COVID-19 Self-Declaration daily, immediately before or upon entering the space. Please email us if you need testing information.
  • Those requesting to enter the space may have their temperature taken.
  • The floor will be marked for traffic flow.
  • Six-foot social distancing should be maintained. Desks and other seating in the open work area is reconfigured to allow for safe distancing while working.
  • All desks in the open area will be numbered. Those with Flex Desk memberships will be asked to schedule their work time. We will work with Flex Desk members so that they occupy the same desk space each time they come in to work.
  • Basco or SpaceLab staff will clean high-touch surfaces downtown twice during the day. This is in addition to evening janitorial cleaning. Disinfecting spray and or wipes will be available for members to use as they leave a desk or other work area.
  • The 7th floor copier is very close to the entrance of the women’s restroom. Please step closer to the west reception door as someone approaches to enter the women’s restroom.
  • You must schedule conference rooms. Please DO NOT just sneak in for a brief meeting because you see a conference room unoccupied. Our protocols require that we clean all meeting rooms after each use. SpaceLab staff needs to be aware of room usage.
  • All guests will be required to sign in and check a waiver box. Their temperature may be taken.
  • Meet your guests in the reception area, and take them directly to a meeting room or your office. 
  • Seating capacity for each meeting room will be indicated upon entry to the room.
  • Guests are to be escorted from the meeting room back to the reception area or the building lobby.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or want to offer ideas, please indicate them on the survey form or contact us at

Be healthy and be safe,

Karen & Bobby

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