November 16, 2020

On November 15, 2020, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued an emergency three-week epidemic order to curb the rising COVID-19 infection rates.

SpaceLab remains open and cautious. We have experienced ZERO cases of COVID-19 since re-opening the downtown location in late June. We want to continue to have all members and guests return home safe and well. Our protocols and guidelines remain in place and will be strictly enforced:

  1. Do not come to SpaceLab if you feel sick.
  2. Wear your face mask. This is not optional. Masks are to be worn by members and guests (including children over the age of two) upon entering the building, in building common areas and in the elevators and stairwells, and in all common areas and meeting rooms in SpaceLab. See the reception desk if you or a guest require a face mask.
  3. Complete the COVID-19 screening form EVERY DAY. Before entering the 7th floor and/or 9th floor workspaces, meeting rooms or individual offices, ALL members and guests are to complete the daily COVID-19 self-screening declaration form – either the first visit form or the repeat visit form – regardless of the amount of time spent in the space. Share this link with your guests; QR code reminders are posted on all doors leading to 7th and 9th floor workspaces. This is important for contact tracing and so we know who has accessed the space. Members or guests who only need to stop at the front desk without entering the workspace do not need to complete the form.
  4. Wash your hands often with soap. Also, hand sanitizer can be found a several locations throughout the space.
  5. Keep a minimum 6-foot physical distance. Flex and dedicated desks have been reconfigured so that members sit further apart. Maximum capacity for meeting rooms are:
    • Crit Conference Room: 5
    • Jewel Box Conference Room: 9
    • 9th Floor Open Space: 10
  6. Schedule meeting room time. Use the SpaceLab online platform, the app, or contact SpaceLab staff to schedule the room. Inform Staff when your meeting is over, as we ensure the room has been sanitized before and after room use. If you access the rooms outside of normal business hours, use the cleaning supplies in the room to wipe down tables and chairs, then contact SpaceLab by email or text to inform us of room use.
  7. Mind high-touch surfaces, and wipe down equipment after each use.
    • Bright-colored dots are on high-touch surfaces as a reminder to try to use an elbow or wrist rather than hands or fingertips.
    • If you eat at your desk, consider using a “desk mat,” found at the 7th floor reception area, the library work counter and on the 9th floor. Although, flex desks and casual work areas are sanitized after each use, consider wiping them down yourself before leaving for the day.
    • Alcohol wipes are located at each printer/copier and at the mailbox station, and disinfecting wipes are located throughout the space.
  8. Kitchen use.
    • Coffee will be served upon request only when the reception desk is staffed.
    • Do not leave dishes in the sink (7th or 9th floors). Wash them right away or place them in the 7th floor dishwasher.
    • Clean out the microwave and wipe off the exterior of microwave and toaster oven with available disinfecting wipes after use.
    • Remove your food items from the refrigerator at the end of each workday.
    • Do not place lunch bags in the refrigerator. Only store food items in there that need to remain cold.
  9. Escort your guests when they arrive and leave. Guests should not remain in the space when you leave.
  10. Inform SpaceLab management of any confirmed COVID-19 cases so that we can take the proper steps to inform our members and guests.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Be well,

Bobby Burton, COO

Karen Burton, CEO

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