“How can I get my mail?” and more FAQs


Contact us to set up your professional business address with your own private suite number.

Options include:

  • Mail forwarding
  • Mail scanning
  • Meeting room time
  • Business phone number
  • Business fax number
  • Live phone answering
Meet Mari

Mari Byrd assists with our virtual office and mail service. She is a valuable part of our entire SpaceLab community, helping to nurture our welcoming atmosphere.

Mari is an entrepreneur; she owns Accessories by Gigi and is designing and developing a line of high-end handbags. (Ask her about “Full Circle.”).
Previously, Mari was Business Liaison for Detroit’s District 2, working with Councilman Roy McCalister, Jr., connecting with and assisting business owners in problem solving, identifying opportunities for capital, talent resources, and business support from various City Departments. Her professional experience also includes managing art galleries at Detroit’s Avenue of Fashion and consulting as an event planner.

What are mail pick-up hours?

Currently, mail pick-up hours are Monday – Friday, 11 am – 6 pm. There are no weekend pickup hours. You may schedule your pick-up time by calling (313) 379-7000 or through your virtual office app, if available.

Use the digital access system to enter our secure building: Tap the screen > tap directory > scroll to search for 700 – SpaceLab > tap to dial. We’ll answer and buzz you in the building. Enter the building, walk straight ahead, and take the elevator to the 7th floor.

Note: Curbside service was instituted as a courtesy to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic to minimize exposure and was not intended to be a permanent service. We reserve the right to end this service at any time. A few changes:

  • Curbside delivery may not be available daily.
  • We now require at least 2 hours notice for curbside delivery.
  • We are unable to provide curbside delivery for an unscheduled pickup.

Be mindful of downtown Detroit parking accessibility and availability. There are 15-minute temporary parking spots on Congress Street, around the corner from our building entrance. At the time of this posting, municipal street parking is more plentiful after 2:30 pm. You may also want to download the Park Detroit app for ease of payment.

When is mail delivered?

Delivery by US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS or other services vary. We process mail and package deliveries Monday – Friday.

We aim to process mail within one business day of delivery. Although you may have received an image of your mail item by email or through your digital mail account, the item may not be in your mailbox yet. Mail is typically physically placed in your box by the close of business.

How do I know if I have mail?

If you are a SpaceLab Mail or OpusVO customer, you’ll receive email notification of each item received to your mailbox.

If you opened your Virtual Office account through iPostal1 or PostScan Mail, use their respective website or app to view your mail items and to direct us for handling

Can I retrieve my mail myself?

Only SpaceLab Direct Mail customers who have a mailbox and key can retrieve their own mail. All other customers have mail securely stored, and our staff will retrieve it for you. On most days, we can retrieve it for you within a few minutes. Occasionally, we have several customers in at once, so there may be a brief wait.

If you are expecting a package from UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS Priority or Overnight, or other service, please be sure to check the tracking number to confirm that the shipment has arrived at SpaceLab before inquiring about delivery.

Note: Check to make sure your mail/virtual office subscription is active (not expired, suspended, or missing USPS Form 1583 documents) prior to picking up mail.

How soon will my mail forwarding or scanning request be handled?

For customers with scanning and shipping services, we aim to have your shipment and scanning requests completed within one business day. 

Note: We will not scan credit cards.

What is a 1583 form and why do I need to complete one?

Although we can accept your mail as soon as you open your account, we must have your notarized USPS Form 1583 on file with your two acceptable forms of identification before we can distribute or handle your mail in any way.  This form, required by the United State Postal Service, allows us to be your mail agent, accept mail in your name, and ensures that only you and those you authorize can pick up your mail or direct us in how to handle it.

What are the acceptable forms of ID that I can submit with my 1583 form?

Acceptable Primary ID must have a clear photograph of the mail recipient. Acceptable Primary ID‘s include:
• valid state-issued driver‘s license
• non-driver’s identification card
• U.S. Armed Forces card
• Uniformed Service ID card
• U.S. permanent resident or other identification issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
• U.S. certificate of citizenship or naturalization
• Identification card issued by a federally or state-recognized tribal nation (tribal identification card)
• U.S. passport
• U.S. passport card
• foreign passport
• corporate identification card of a corporation located and organized in good standing in the U.S.
• university identification card
• Matricula Consular card (Mexico)
• NEXUS card (Canada)

Acceptable Secondary ID’s include:
• current lease
• mortgage or deed of trust
• voter or vehicle registration card
• a home or vehicle insurance policy
• a Form I-94 Arrival and Departure record

Unacceptable ID‘s include: Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates.

What if I have more than one business name?

Check with us to find out how many individual and business names you’re allowed to have on your account. We must have your official personal and business name(s) on file in order to accept mail. If we don’t have the name on file, we will return the mail to the post office or delivery company.

Make sure all individuals who will receive mail at your account are listed on the form and have submitted their appropriate identification.

Can I have someone pick up my mail for me?

We are very careful about handling and distributing your personal and/or business mail – mindful that what you receive may contain checks, legal documents, and other private information. We do not want your mail to get into the wrong hands.

If you are unable to retrieve your mail yourself, please contact us prior to having someone pick up for you. We will need the person’s full name, and we will request photo identification.
If the person is associated with your business, and they will be receiving mail at your box number, we will need to add their name to your USPS 1583 form and attach copies of their identification.

Can someone walk in and leave mail or documents for me?

Walk-in drop-offs are accepted. However, documents intended for your mailbox are to be in an properly addressed envelope with the sender’s and recipient’s name. SpaceLab will not supply envelopes or other mailing supplies. Mail that is dropped off will be processed with all other incoming mail.

How long will you hold my mail?

We can hold your mail and packages in your box as long as your account remains current. However, mail held longer than 7 days may be subject to storage charges. Please see your virtual office provider’s website or your account information.

What happens if my account is closed (either by me or the virtual office provider)?

If your account is closed, we will hold any mail or packages that existing in your box prior to the closing date for 90 days. Any new mail or packages received will be returned to sender. Pick-up of any mail after the closing date may be subject to a pick-up fee.

You will be notified by email prior to or upon closing of your mailbox. It is your responsibility to pay any applicable fee to re-activate your account (your box number may be re-assigned) or to pick up any remaining mail from our office. Mail left after 90 days will be returned to sender or discarded.

Are office space or meeting rooms included with my virtual office or mailbox?

It depends on your membership. If you’ve contracted for a virtual office directly with SpaceLab, your membership includes 4 hours of meeting room time per month. All other virtual office customers can rent office space or meeting rooms at member rates or purchase a Day Pass for $20 per person..

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