The City of Detroit General Services Department – Parks and Recreation Division and SpaceLab Detroit (with partner H&P Protection Services) celebrated Detroit City Walls Artists and the work they created to beautify the city’s neighborhoods and rec centers.

The City Walls program launched in the Summer of 2017. The initiative integrates a multifaceted approach to enhancing public space by focusing on an essential urban element: the city wall. The goals of the program are to highlight the values and the identity of the communities where art work is being created, empower Detroit artists, and to provide a positive cost benefit to the public via art versus the cost of blight remediation.

At the showcase, artists exhibited and offered additional work for sale at the former workspace of late artist, muralist, and sculptor Charles McGee November 18th and 19th. Now named Design Studio 6, the studio, creative event space, gallery and retail shop is owned by April McGee Flournoy, McGee’s daughter. Mr. McGee was a pioneer of Detroit’s Black art culture from the 1950s through 2021. In 2017 Marygrove College designated the area as the Charles McGee Community Commons.

See work below and click through to see additional art available for purchase and contact information for each artist. Art makes perfect holiday gifts!

Exhibiting artists by column, top to bottom:

  • Waleed Johnson (2021 Artists-in-Residence)
  • Zachary Arrington
  • Fel’le
  • Trae Isaac
  • Aaron Mickens
  • Andrea Slomczenski
  • Miranda Kyle (2021 Artists-in-Residence)
  • Marlo Broughton
  • Jason Garcia
  • Torrence Jayye
  • Chris Pizana
  • Richard Wilson
  • Brandon Marshall (2021 Artists-in-Residence)
  • Donald Calloway
  • Erica Husted
  • Jesse Kassel
  • Nick Pizana
  • Caleb Foerg

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