This event features local businesses selling a wide variety of products, services, and locally-made goods. Support your community and shop local while discovering new and exciting businesses.

Women’s apparel and accessories with iconic city photography and artistry


p: (646) 599-5979

Facebook: @astouri

Instagram: @astouri_style

Raffle item: Detroit Skyline Scarf

We empower women to tell their community stories in style by providing them stylish city merchandise that is different and unique.

Gourmet brownies and blondies


p: (313) 492-8952

Instagram: @browniedr1

Raffle item: One dozen brownies. Value $48

brownieDr reimagines childhood treats and southern delicacies as gourmet brownies and blondies, offering flavors such as German Chocolate, S’mores, Lemon Meringue, Cookies & Cream. We elevate classic brownies/blondies with premium chocolate, decadent buttercream, cream cheese or marshmallow frostings, and caramel, chocolate or fruit fillings.

Batik and tie-dye sarongs and scarves and sarong ties; chunky wood and resin bangles and bone rings


p: (313) 861-7693

Instagram: @conversationpieces_wearableart

Raffle item: Batik scarf. Value $12

Conversation Pieces is a home-based, women’s retail business specializing in Batik and tie-dye sarongs which are truly versatile in that they are fashionable and functional. What makes sarongs so unique is that they are handmade by artisans in Bali, Indonesia, can be worn by both men and women and used to tie babies for transport to the back or bosom. However, most often, they are used as beachwraps but can also be worn as wrap skirts, halter tops, dresses and headwraps, which I can demonstrate. Sarongs can even be used decoratively in the home as table cloths, furniture throws, wallhangings and window treatments. The only limit is your imagination!

Investment Group and Consulting Services


p: (310) 689-4356

Facebook: @detroitdreamis

Instagram: @champnationofficial

Raffle item: 3-minute free consultation call

Our company has a 360° Community Economic Development plan that includes Real Estate and Workforce Development

Event Designs


p: (313) 405-4940

Facebook: @IDECORTheGiftedExperience

Instagram: @idecorthegiftedexperience

Raffle item: Use of 1 Single Throne Chair color of choice at your next event. Value $225

IDECOR The Gifted Experience is a black owned family business, where we specialize in bring your vision to life with our gifted touch.

12-ounce bags of coffee grounds and whole beans

Samples of coffee will be provided.


p: (866) 422-1322 ext 702

Facebook: @impeljava

Instagram: @impeljava

Raffle item: Variety Pack of all 5 of our coffee fusions, a coaster, and re-usable K-Cup. Value $25

Handmade, all-natural, nourishing Whipped Body Butters: Pause, Evoke, Raine, Energize, Relax, and REJOICE


p: (248) 797-5507

Raffle item: One (2) oz jar of Just Opal Body Butter (Raine or Pause)

At Just Opal, we believe in nurturing your wellbeing from the inside out. Our line of essential oil-based products is designed to promote self-reflection and mindfulness while also delivering an opulent blend of buttery nourishment to the skin. From our luxurious essential oil-based body butters to our refreshing all-natural body butters, every creation in our collection is crafted with love and care to guide your soul into peace and serenity.

Each product is also crowned with an actual Black Opal gemstone for balance and self-discovery. As you collect these beautiful jewels, you may desire to treasure them throughout the day to encourage mindfulness and balance.

Tax & Accounting services for small business


p: (313) 763-0162

Facebook: @msphelpscpa

Instagram: @msphelpscpa

Raffle item: One hour free consultation

We service e-commerce businesses.

Wearable art, home decor, graphic, prints, stationery, tote bags


p: (313) 721-4642

Facebook: @Quetarshe

Instagram: @Quetarshe_textiles_studio

Raffle item: Frame print design

Sheila M. Palmer is a fiber/mixed media textiles designer. Her media is in creating works of fine textile fabrics/design for wearable arts, home interior, architecture, theater, and product branding. The blending of colors, print patterning, and graphic print designs can be seen in all her works. Her works are reflective of her education, travel, and research exposure with every one-of-a kind original piece, which takes on an expression of beauty never seen before. So much of her work is inspired by indigenous cultures from around the world. Techniques have been perfected by hand when working in theater, period clothing, interior designs and museum installations. Much of her work can be seen throughout the United States, England, France, Italy, homes and public spaces where she has been commissioned.

Teaching through the College for Creative Studies Community Art Partnership programs throughout Michigan schools resulted in a stellar performance in the creative curriculum surrounding Global Textiles. Sheila has been featured in major Fine Art Festivals throughout the region.

Distinctive jewelry made from repurposed graffiti and materials. We create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.


p: (773) 726-2505

Facebook: @rebelnelldetroit

Instagram: @rebelnell

Raffle item: Complimentary mural experience

Rebel Nell exists to provide employment, equitable opportunity, and wraparound support for women with barriers to employment. By repurposing meaningful materials into wearable art, we mark life’s important moments and connect them to your personal journey.

We seek to embolden women, to embrace their infinite strength, and to define their own future. Our jewelry serves as a reminder that there is power in being ONE OF NO OTHER KIND.

Boutique Business Solutions and Book: 365 Days of Leadership.


p: (513) 484-6924

Instagram: @BoutiqueBusinessSol

Raffle item: Copy of Dr. Renae’s new book, valued at $33.95

Boutique Business Solutions offers Leadership Development Services via online virtual courses–an introductory 5-Week series entitled Unlock the Leader Within and a more advanced 4-Week series entitled Ready to Lead. Boutique Business Solutions also offers Virtual Business Planning Services of which there are two tiers, Boutique Business Development Tier I and Boutique Business Development Tier II. Our Operational Development Services are only offered as an in-person service–all details can be found on our website. The founder, Dr. Zakiya Renae brings a unique skillset to the developing field of leadership, and offers exclusive insights to a field that is lacking in highlighting the human element. The holistic approach offered by Boutique Business Solutions brings the focus back to serving the people, not just building the bottom line

Affordable, sweet and savory, plant-based products
prepared with one key ingredient – LOVE.


p: (313) 355-3539

Facebook: @zellasbakery

Instagram: @zellasbakery

Raffle item: Gift certificate is worth $25 and must be used within 3 months from issue date (by July 22nd). Customer may place order by calling or emailing Zella’s Bakery, and may also place order online.

Zella’s Bakery provides you with unique, enjoyable, sweet and savory gourmet goods prepared like Grandma! Everything is 100% Plant-based and made with love.

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